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is creating Acrylic Paintings, Digital Art, Illustrations
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About Amanda L. Gamble | Illumine Art Studio

Amanda L. Gamble is an artist and designer who comes from a lineage of painters, seamstresses, carpenters, farmers, even mathematicians! Born hearing-impaired, Amanda overcame numerous obstacles to succeed in a mainstream hearing world. Rigorous speech and language programs began at 3 years of age and continued throughout her academic years.

Amanda often used her free time, in her youth, to sketch fashion wardrobes and free-hand draw cartoons by eye. In high school, an opportunity to be part of the independent study program for jewelry design steered her into the fine art gallery world. Shortly after, Amanda’s career entered the luxury goods industry.

For more than 18 years Amanda’s experience grew to include inventory, operations, communications and marketing management. Presently, her many talents are integrated into digital and physical projects ranging from: paintings, illustrations, jewelry, and photography to websites, social media and branded marketing collateral.

The decision to focus on creative endeavors is not made hastily. Being an artist who works in various mediums stems from love and vulnerability. Art is therapeutic in its colors, textures, energies, and tactile sensations. It broadcasts a truth from a deep core.

Because hearing has always been subdued, her vision became acute. Amanda is a keen observer of environmental qualities often overlooked in everyday life. With an imaginative and visionary mind, Amanda uses an intuitive approach in her pieces.

Why Patreon? We get to connect about art and I get to share with you pieces that are near and dear to me as well as completely impromptu. Join me as I ebb and tide in seasons of creativity. My works are edgy to adorable to deep and wanderlust. In supporting my endeavors through Patreon, I will be able to continue my inspiring quirky works.

Currently I am offering $1 for one coloring sheet and $5 for 3 coloring sheets. Each month, patrons are billed for the preferred tier. I'm excited to have you on board as part of the adventure!
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