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Even just thinking about kittens makes you happy, doesn't it? For just $3 a month you get unlimited positive vibes and access to my Patron-Only feed which includes tons of in progress sketches, words of encouragement, life ramblings, and a sneak peek of all my current designs!

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On top of access to my Patron-Only posts, if you're a cardinal you will be sent a cute surprise doodle and a inspirational quote each month from me :)
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When you're a Koala you get everything mentioned above and at least 3 video posts a month of exclusive insight into my creative process, drawing or tattooing videos, art tutorials, or maybe just me rambling about the Universe, who knows :)
Cats Eye
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With the Cats Eye membership not only do you get everything above but you are also apart of a monthly poll that gets to choose what I draw! You will have access to the whole creating process as well as a mailed " print of the finished drawing.  Each month one lucky patron will win the original, framed :)

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As Quartz is one of my favorite crystals, so is this tier. Everything above plus each month I will handpick a different crystal and mail it to you with a handwritten inspiring affirmation. Sending you positive energy is what I do here after all :)
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Want a piece of my art? ;) This reward is the most powerful way to support me as it is the most energetic way for me to give back to you. All the tiers above and a framed 4" original signed drawing from me and handwritten thank you note the first month you pledge. On the 3rd month you'll receive a 5" drawing,  and on the 6th month a 6" drawing. After one year of remaining at this tier you'll be mailed a 8" by 8" one of a kind painting signed by me. :)




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About Amanda Noteman

                Your new here, I'm new here, Why don't we be friends?
       Let me tell you a little about myself first, I'm a artist, always have been since as long as i can  remember. My ability to create and to connect is a gift that I was given and my whole life I've been learning how to utilize that gift and how I can share that gift with the world. Fast forward to the present hehe and here we are!
                               Welcome to my Patreon, friend :)
      Just you stumbling upon my page means your apart of my journey in some way. I would   love for you to stick around and become apart of the process. My process involves doing what I love, encouraging others toward their greatest potential, and creating more positive energy in this   world. With your support and appreciation I am able to connect and spread creative inspiration  and good vibes. If you like art, want to get to know me more or just believe in good karma, Then hangout for awhile, after all we are just getting started :)

                             So what is Patreon and why am I here?
      Patreon creates the platform for a community where you can support creators like myself and be apart of their process. By pledging each month and becoming a patron, you are joining a appreciation relationship of good vibes, a appreciationship if you will. :)
       You decide how much you want to pay each month based on the rewards you feel most drawn to and I provide those benefits as promised. It works out for everyone, positive energy all around. So if your interested in that then check out the side tiers, or find the post that goes more in detail about each monthly subscription, and become a patron, I really do appreciate your support.

          The essence of my art exists because of your appreciation,       
                                  I create to show my gratitude.                                       
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Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate you, you appreciate me, so lets keep this relationship going! Each goal met means more time to give back to you! When this goal is reached, these rewards will be added,
  • 2 additional doodles each month will be added to the Cardinal tier! 
  • A monthly colored doodle will be added to the Koala tier that is based on the seasons/holidays :)
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