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Plus you'll get all the other rewards listed in the catagories that fall under your donation.
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You will get a custom piece of clothing for your avatar when the game comes out, along with a custom medal to put on your profile.
Both of these items will never be earnable again in the game, so they'll be really rare in time.
Plus you'll get all the other rewards listed in the categories that fall under your donation.
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As we are coming up with ideas and making decisions, we will run all of our ideas by you and get your opinions on them before implementing them. 
You will however need to supply us with an email address for us to contact you with, and if you do not respond within a day or two we will have to implement the ideas without seeing if you have any ideas on how to make them better first.
Plus you'll get all the other rewards listed in the categories that fall under your donation.




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Hello everybody!
Have you guys ever played an old classic online multiplayer game called Bang!Howdy? It used to be the number one game on Miniclip quite a few years back. Since then it has been run into the ground and has lost the support of its creators. 

My team and I are working on making a game similar to this great game we've all come to know and love, but with a whole new feel to it. 
The core values will be much like Bang!Howdy, but it will look nothing like it. Instead of the cowboy theme, we are going with an Asian theme (primarily Japanese). 


We are currently deep into development and should have a small trial version of the game out in the next week or two for you all to play around with and get a feel for what we're doing! Do note though, it won't reflect on how the full game will be, it'll just have two working rooms, with a few basic features so you can see our progress.

We're practically finished with the starting village, the male and female default avatars, and we're about to have a few outfits drawn up for the trial version of the game so everyone can see how the clothing feature works. All of this can be seen over on the creations page, and you can check out some of the artists who did this awesome work below.

Eventually we will need to invest quite a bit of money towards servers (we're hoping Patreon can help us with those costs), but for now, we have a small server that should be able to hold a good amount of people on it for when the trial comes out.

Donation Rewards:

We really need all the help we can get, because it is a very small team of us, and we don't have much backing financially. That being said, we'd love to reward those of you who support us by awarding you all with a custom in-game outfit that will never be purchasable or obtainable again in the game. It'll be an outfit that only several people will ever get to wear, and in a couple of months after release, everyone's going to be so jealous that you have it and they don't. There are also more rewards you get depending on how much you donate (check the bottom of this page to see the rest of the rewards). Once we have all the outfits made up, we will get the designer to make three custom outfits and hold a poll on which one of the three you guys would like to be the reward for donating, and then I will post a picture of which of the outfits won on this page for all of you to see. It will most likely be outfits that relate to donating, so for example, maybe something like a pure gold suit? Or an outfit that makes your avatar hold a wad of cash in their hand. We are undecided on how it'll look yet, but you can be sure it'll be one of the coolest looking outfits you've ever seen!

And in-case you don't want to wear the outfit you get awarded, you will also be getting a Medal of Honor (much like badges in Bang!Howdy), which you can proudly display on your avatar's profile page to show everyone you contributed to the development of this great game.

Content Development:

Our game's content will be heavily dependent on you guys, the community. We will have a forums set up on the main site with a section in it for you guys to suggest new content like outfits. From then on a poll will be set up to see how much of the community agrees with the idea. So lets say for example someone comes up with the idea that they'd love to put a rainbow colored afro on their character, but there isn't one in the game! Then they'd go make a poll on the forums suggesting their idea, and if over 50% of the community agrees (people who've donated will have their votes count for two) this would make the game better, then we'll add it to the game as quickly as we possibly can. However, if it's something too over the top that we feel would cheapen the game, like a giant garbage bin on the avatars head, we may have to hold a vote with all the moderators to see if it will be added or not.

Suggestions Needed:

If you've made it this far, we thank you for taking the time out to read all of this. We are really passionate about getting this game going, and any support you can give us would be much appreciated. But we understand if you cannot afford to donate, there are still ways you can help us though! You can share this page with your friends, or you can leave feedback/suggestions for us to make our jobs easier!

We love hearing back from you guys, and a lot of the details of the game are still being decided on, so all suggestions will be read, and taken seriously.   
If you're drawing a blank on what you can leave suggestions on, below is a list of current parts of the game we're working on, but are in desperate need of creative suggestions. But if you can't find anything below you have any ideas on, feel free to leave anything!
1) The Game's Name - I am drawing a blank on what to call the game, any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'd love to have it sort of related to the theme of the game, but if someone suggest something that isn't related to the theme, but is still really good, we'll go with that.

2) Another name for Friends List - Friends list seems a bit too bland, and doesn't really fit the theme, I need suggestions on better names. I was thinking something along the lines of Kin. 

*I'll add more things I need help deciding on frequently, so check back often!*

The Team:

Below is a list of people who have been involved in the process so far.

Wayne Stern - Social Media - Project Manager (Contact)

Matthew - Programmer - Majority of Game Creation

Amanda Price - Spokesperson - Promotional Advertising

Milan Novakovic - User Interface - Building Interior (Portfolio)

Dave Ward - Gameplay Engineer - In-Game Mechanics

Valedahne - 2D Artist - Avatar Artist (Portfolio)

Lacey James - 2D Artist - Background Tweaking and Login Page (Portfolio)

Blotdesign - 3D Artist - Background Building Creator (Portfolio)

Martinez - 2D Designer - Building Interior (Porfolio)


We really hope you choose to contribute, and if you do, we thank you so much. This is a project we are all very passionate about, and look forward to playing the game with you all very soon!
Feel free to message us with any questions you may have about us or the game, we will answer every one of them!

Other Great Patreon Projects:

If you're looking for other great projects, I suggest checking out some of the people listed below, their work is amazing!
(Contact Us if you'd like to be added below)

- Coming Soon
$0 of $50 per month
With this money we will invest in a quality 3D Designer to create the units that will be used in our game.
For the trial we will not have playable games, only character customization and a chatroom, but for the full game we will have 3-4 game modes available (with more coming in time), but we need units to be made up before we can start working on the game mechanics. There will be three Warlords, which will be the boss units that have special abilities and that lead the other troops into battle, plus there'll be six regular units that you can choose between to give yourself a strategical advantage based on which map and game mode you're playing.
If you'd like to see the kind of units we plan on making, their weapon of choice, and a brief idea of what we plan their skill sets to be (may change in time), do check out this link:
Thanks for your support!
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