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About Amanda Wray

I SUPPORT the goal of UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME as a boon to help eliminate poverty, hopelessness, and reduce the desperation that so often tempts people into crime. I will create art to help others promote the goal of basic income worldwide through illustration, graphic design, website support and more. My audience is anyone who would like to have visual art to help further their own work on behalf of basic income, and have a resource like me to help them.

My illustrations will not only be about basic income. I also do portraits of people and pets, and more. To see examples of my other illustrations, visit me on Instagram (@nanwray).

I will be posting a few new illustrations every month. Also, see my icons on the Noun Project.

I am taking the BIG Patreon Creator Pledge, through which I will support others who take this pledge with any income in excess of $1,000/mo. Please support me at any level. Just $1 is great (only $12 per year, the cost of two fancy Starbucks coffee drinks)!

I formerly volunteer as Communications Coordinator for BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network) and have recently started helping USBIG with their social media, specifically their YouTube channel. but my work here is to support basic income independently as a graphic designer.

I am open to collaboration with other artists or designers supporting basic income. 

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This will enable me to spend more time doing something I love, creating illustrations and graphics supporting and promoting the idea of basic income! My goal is to be able to do a little bit every day.  :)
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