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You will get a special role in the discord which allows you to see special channels. 
Admin Dino
per month
You will get one of the mutants in the server! Ex. Mother ava, Shantu [From PTM]
If you do get this dino don't abuse the mutants power or it will get TAKEN away!!!! 




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About amaryllis

Hello everyone! Welcome! The.Amaryllis is a small community slowly growing <3 We would appreciate if you can help us with the server to get more slots or to host a game you guys would enjoy <3. The amaryllis currently has a Ark server and a gmod server up for a couple of days. The isle server isn't currently up atm will soon be up later on! <3
$0 of $25 per month
It would be great if we can get 20 or 25+ to host servers that the community would like <3  
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