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About Amasteria

Hello, I am Amasteria and this patreon focuses on my webcomic series, Abyss of Dreams, a high fantasy, LGBT lead, psychological fiction.

Abyss of Dreams has a strong focus on LGBT lead characters. As someone who inhabits the spectrum, it means so much to me to create a universe for the types of characters who rarely get such attention. I hope to portray a sense of "life" in my stories and with my characters. Things won't necessarily be easy, but I feel that sometimes people are afraid to push the boundaries, especially with marginalized groups, and fall back onto stereotypes. 

The first installment of the series, Until Dawn follows the story of Zephaniah, an uninvolved prince as he realizes that the mortal enemies of his people aren't necessarily his own. 

This patreon will give you access to sketches, notes, wallpapers, illustrations, tutorials, first access to various merchandise and even exclusive merchandise that will only be found here! This will also be the only place to find my 18+ content for my characters and story.

 Your donations allow me to create freely and give you access to all kinds of things. My patrons are always the first to know what is coming and are eligible for exclusive gifts through their donations.  I always look forward to hearing what you have to say, and I'd consider it an honor to have along with me on this journey.

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