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About American Biography

Hello and welcome to the American Biography Patreon Page!

American Biography is a podcast that seeks to chart the history of the United States by following the course of human events and examining the lives of important and influential - if less often discussed - Americans.  In doing so we try to evaluate the whole person; their hopes and fears, their flaws and foibles, their brilliance and their boneheadedness, in the hopes of telling the American story through American's stories.  Below please read more about out supporter rewards!

Now, the way I look at it - If you financially support American Biography you’re a winner in my book but as the old maxim says: to the victors go the spoils. I don’t want donators or patrons to - for one second - think that I’m going to forget the people who help this podcast keep running. So I’m please to announce our new supporter rewards program - THE SPOILS SYSTEM. As Podcaster-in-Chief of American Biography I have the ideal means at my disposal by which to thank these supporters and it's as old as America democracy itself... patronage.

I have under my power a virtually unlimited number of low to no responsibility, politically insulated, do-nothing jobs that need to be filled in order to ensure the bureaucracy runs smoothly and it’s imperative that these positions are staffed by people who are unquestionably loyal… er um, I mean, are staffed by meritorious public servants, like yourselves, that I can trust....

So while the spoils system will continue to be updated and improved I can begin to roll out some of the framework now and I’m happy to announce that from here on out those supporters who pledge at the $2 per episode level or more on Patreon will not only get access to additional bonus content but will also be in line to get themselves an impressive title along with some cushy government work.

Now while these jobs come with no salary or discernible benefits, but if say, while I’m not looking, chances arose for you to line your pockets through some influence peddling or just some good old fashion graft, who’s going to be the wiser, if you take my meaning.

But what jobs are we talking about you may ask? Well if you’re creative and ambitious enough, you are free to come up with your own snarky, ironic or funny job title or government department to lead and - so long as it fits the bounds of common decency - I’ll appoint you to it!  If though you can't come up with something, don't worry, I’m happy to find a position for you where your talents will be put to best use.

Need some inspiration?  Well, friend of the show and donor Matt, who’s an avid outdoorsman recently accepted an appointment as the Deputy to the Assistant Director of the Biological Survey Bureau and Fish and Wildlife Coordinator.  Through your support of the podcast you too could be kicking back with kickbacks in no time with plum jobs such as the Collector of Customs at the Port of Guernsey, Wyoming or as Postmaster General of Nowhere, Oklahoma. Or perhaps you’d rather bask in the glory of the unalloyed power of being a ranking member of the U.S. Board of Tea Appeals? The sky is the limit!

Once you’ve been confirmed in your appointment I’ll be happy to announce it in a podcast episode and it will also be emblazoned on the website for all to see.

Thank you for supporting American Biography and remember to the victors go the spoils!

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Because I'm using my history degree and still paying for it :)
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