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The Star
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Thanks so much! I really appreciate you guys, you're STARS <3

-Personal thank you message

-Lil' doodle done specially for you!

-Shout-out at the end of every twitch stream!

The Moon
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Thank you guys so so much!! You're the "Moon of My Life" (get game of thrones..)

(I'm such a dork)

-All previous rewards!

-Get added to my discord server!

-Access to my personal doodles folder!

The Sun
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Wowie!!! I love you guys so much, the support means the world to me! You're the light of my life (yet another game of thrones sorry)

(still a dork)

-All previous rewards!

-Will do a small watercolor painting for you and send it in the mail!

-Access to speedpaints

-Video of me personally thanking you!




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About Ambitious Misfit

Hello everyone!
I'm Cydni, but you can call me Cyd or just refer to me as AmbitiousMisfit!
I just recently started getting back into art in general and really want to start creating more!
Which is why I wanted to start a Patreon, I'm currently a college student at IUP and in between classes I've been working on making more art with my tablet and doodling on paper.
I plan on opening up an etsy store in the near future! <3
Please help support me growing as an artist and a creator!
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