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About Ambivalent Trader

Hi there! I am profitably trading the SPX 500 index every day and will be streaming my trades in real time as I grow my initial investment of £2k to achieve ambitious growth to reach key milestones of £10k, £50k and £100k. That is defying the heaviest of odds where 90% of traders lose money.

If this excites you and my work is of interest then become a patron and join me for some rewards as I progress my journey. I will use the funds as an incentive to share my experience with others who may be thinking about trading or markets to give insights via discord. I also have a plan to create a self sufficient platform and online trading academy for a small community of traders. Trading is a game of risk and reward. I'll show you my bare knuckle ride through the markets and my progress towards tax free returns.

Is this just about making money?

Working for a living sucks. How many of us feel underpaid, overworked and unappreciated? Sadly, no matter what your education or career, we are unable to do what we love in a happy and sympathetic way where we earn good money and feel valued. I've decided to do something to help myself and others transform their lives by real time streaming of my trading decisions to patrons to see the realities of what can be achieved. I intend to make this work!!

What's in it for me?

Getting a following and your patronage will help me maintain disciplined trading to achieve my ambitious profit milestones. If some of you decide to stay the journey, I guarantee the results will bring a smile to your face and you will be excited at what is possible. Join this exclusive club and watch my live streams, edited highlights and talk to me directly on Discord to suggest possible features. I want to build a unique site with low latency technology and without ads to improve the quality of my stream casts. Don't trade alone or feel despondent about the options available to you. I will show you how to achieve amazing results with the smallest of investments.

Why Patreon?

Running and building a site is pretty expensive. Patreon lets folks who find the site useful fund it directly to make sure I can build a site into the future. Invest and work smart to reap future rewards and achieve financial independence. I'm already on track to hit my first milestone of £10k. Thanks for reading my intro and if you want to see the cut thrust of real life trading, tune into my journey and watch this experiment build momentum.  
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Patrons will have access to one daily live streaming feed each week and the opportunity to ask me questions via discord. I will respond directly or via my trading stream cast.
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