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By pledging as little as $1, I will happily give you all my transcriptions of the songs I have already made and will make in the future. You will also receive a mastered mp3 track of the bass cover and the guitar pro files (gpx) if you want to play along to the track without opening youtube every time.
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By pledging as little as $2, you will receive all the previous rewards and my eternal gratitude. My patreon page is still in progress so I can't offer you much else at the moment but I figured I'd keep the option opened.




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About Amedeo S

My name is Amedeo and I play bass. In my spare time I like to make bass covers with TABS of songs that I enjoy playing, but you probably already know that if you're here on my Patreon page.
Turning this passion into a small profit would mean the world to me, so go check out the rewards I'm giving and see if you might be interested in supporting me.
I decided to give Patreon a try as I have been given so much support in these last few months. I will try to keep up with it so I can finally be able to satisfy your requests.
Thank you!
$20 – reached! per month
This is not much, but earning $20 would allow me to pay for strings, set-ups, picks, and all the small things that playing bass implies.
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