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If you're reading this, you've landed on my Patreon page. Thanks for your interest! 

Are you familiar with Patreon? Basically, it operates as a way for creative types to fund a part of their work. Although we are still in the era of fighting the perception that information and art should be free, if you have clicked this link you likely understand that good content requires both money and time to create. I think of Patreon as a way to offer pay-what-you-want subscription tiers for those who value what I'm doing. (As a bonus, there are added perks, such as monthly postcards from wherever I am!)

Now, for a little about me. I'm Amelia. (Hi!) Originally I'm from North Carolina, and I lived and worked for many years in Boston, Detroit and Minneapolis. These days, though, my home is a series of Airbnbs, guest houses and apartments as I travel, solo, through Central America. (I'm currently in El Salvador for a few months.) 

I started this page in the summer of 2018 after cutting the cord and leaving my career working in newspapers (most recently at The Minneapolis Star Tribune) to set out on my own as an independent content creator — writing, making videos and producing and selling products featuring my photography while traveling full-time. To make my vision happen, I sold almost all of my belongings, said goodbye to a permanent home and many basic comforts and stuffed my life into a 40 liter backpack. Since then, I've been traveling slowly and intentionally around Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and now El Salvador (occasionally stopping back in the U.S. to "retool"), exploring and telling stories.

This is an instinct for me. All my life, I've told stories, As a child, I wrote poems. As a journalism student, essays. As a reporter, I honed this skill, As a nomad, I'm growing it — expanding into photography and videography.

I believe stories are the threads that bind us; that make us think about regions and cultures and people in a way that relate to our own lives. Given the modern struggles we all deal with, I strive to focus less on the peaks we normally see in social media and more on the climb. Given the narratives we hear most often in Central America, I seek to present a different reality, one in which beauty and depth can coexist with hardship and pain. I find such storytelling, bolstered by on-the ground perspectives and social, cultural and geo-political context, to be more essential than ever. And combining a serious approach mixed with doses of humor, I aim to tell a fuller story on people and places as well as the experience of encountering new wonders every day.

My subscribers on Patreon play a major role in helping me continue traveling and producing — thanks to their support, I am able to share pieces of far-flung places in the world without being beholden to a corporation's reliance on clicks. 

If you'd like to sign up, simply select your preferred tier (you can enter any subscription value at that number or higher) or choose "become a patron" and create a custom pledge to sign up without rewards. Make sure you don't choose this option if you *DO* want the rewards.

And don't forget to follow my website, here, so that you get all my written updates. 

I can't wait for you to be part of my journey, too!
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