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Rooting Head: One
per creation

The joining fee for this Tier will give you access to the following:

· The rooting of a complete head (You will need a painted head for this class.) 

· The whole head will be completed in 6 modules. 

· Each module will be 20USD each. (ZAR 275)

· The modules will include complete and detailed videos for each session, pictures and PDF downloads if applicable. 

· These will not be tutorials but video sessions that will show you exactly what I do.

· Assistance will be given with all questions or problem areas you may have.

Module 1

· Materials and tools needed.

· Head preparation.

· Drawing of the rooting pattern.

· Practicing of rooting techniques like spacing, directional rooting,
 micro rooting etc. 

  (Using a old non-rooted head will be preferable for this. This     head will be used in all my rooting and painting sessions)

· Tips and ideas.

Module 2

· Rooting the back of the head following the rooting pattern and
 using directional rooting.

· Doing a perfect nape in the neck.

Module 3

· Rooting the sides of the head.

· Rooting around the ear.

· Doing the fine baby hairs to create a perfect hairline around the
 temple area.

Module 4

· Rooting the front of the head (hairline).

· Rooting the top part of the head.

· Doing the perfect mop on top of the head.

Module 5

· Rooting the PERFECT crown.

Module 6

· Finishing touches and a quality check for any touch-ups needed.

· Glue-ing the inside of the head.

· Cutting and styling.

· Washing and conditioning.



About Amelia's Babies

My name is Amelia Williams and my nursery name is "Amelia’s Babies". I live in South Africa. Before I discovered these life-like ultra realistic babies I immersed myself in the art of oil painting, specializing in commissioned portraits and paintings of children. I was fortunate to do commissions for some local “celebrities” in South Africa. I quickly got carried away by these babies and as a self-taught artist I have studied, researched and invested immense amounts of time into this fascinating art form. I have admired and studied the work of other artist’s, worked through endless tutorials and invested a lot of time, and money to teach myself the art of reborning. During this 8 year process I developed my own unique painting style. Creating the ultimate in realism, through a variety of applications and attention to detail that will create a unique one off a kind work of art. I am a current Pra*ise award holder. I am extremely honored to have been invited to become a member off the IIORA institute. I have also had the opportunity to work on prototype babies. I can therefore proudly and confidently classify myself as a Master Artist. I have taught extensive classes in South Africa and was invited to Australia to teach classes in 2017.

Why create a Patreon page?
I have had many requests for online classes and tutorials in South Africa and also internationally. Due to logistics and the huge travelling distances in our country I have been looking at ways to make this happen...and this is it.

What do I offer?
  • I intend to offer Tiers with tutorials / videos / photos to achieve intense and successful training in very specific areas off reborning. I will teach you my techniques and present it at a step-by-step rate that Patreons can follow at their own pace. This is a highly interactive platform and the idea is to create a "classroom" with you as the only student in the comfort of your own home.
  • We will paint and root a doll from beginning to end (at your own pace), and not a rushed project in a classroom over a period off one or two days. The projects will be broken up into several classes and Patreons will pay only on a class to class basis. You will also be able to go back and redo a paid for class at no extra cost. The benefit of this is that you do not have to layout a huge amount for a one or two day class. You pay per module as you go along at your own rate until your project is completed. 
  • I intend to do regular projects to show and teach Patreons the different techniques and methods suitable for each & every baby, as they are all uniquely different. This will provide Patreons the opportunity to decide what and when they want to do a new Tier or Project.
  • I am constantly experimenting and learning with every baby I make. Patreons will have exclusive access to any new methods and / or applications as we go along. I am not a “paint by numbers” artist and I know we will learn some new and interesting things during this process.
  • Tutorials for specific areas like eyebrows, nails, veins etc will also be made available. 
  • We will work with Genesis Heat Set Paints, Acrylics and Powders as well as a mix of the two mediums, Ethnic babies and even some fantasy projects. I am so excited about this new venture and I consider it an absolute privilege to share with others how I create.
You are welcome to help me build a community of Patreon Reborning Artists by sharing this page as much and as many times as you like. After becoming a patron, you only pay for the projects you are interested in. With more patrons I can do so much more for you. I am working on my benefits page and any ideas or input will be greatly appreciated. 
All that is left to say is..... a very warm WELCOME to my

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