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suffering must mean nothing to u
is it 2 much 2 ask? i just wanna b loved
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abjection is the new black
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About Laur

everybody told me i was talented and entitled to big things. for some fucked up reason i went to law school, but i'd rather monetize my awesome creative output. thanks internet! plus, i'm the only true deviant left in america.

i'm weird as fuck but years of learning by mimicry have taught me to be pleasing to others. you'll love what i have to say! i talk funny and don't write like most people my age, but i'm just like any other nubile young autistic legal professional!!

bottom line--come on people. i see all these morons and jokers getting donations and shit from weirdos online, and i thought to myself, what a racket, i gotta get in on this. i'm exponentially cooler than any of these people, so why not put your money where it counts?
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lmao so i got laid off awhile ago and i'm broke as shit and don't really have a family to put me up
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