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About Lorfarius

Welcome to the AMIGArama Podcast Patreon page.

Focusing on the classic Amiga computers of old, each week your host Lorfarius (Keith) walks you through a game to talk about its history, development and more importantly...how it all plays! With a littlet Amiga news thrown in.

Yes... news! The Amiga still has a very active scene to this day and AMIGArama hopes to cover all parts on its journey. So what's the plan for the show? To cover every commercial game ever released for the beloved Amiga in a new episode each week.

Sounds like an impossible task? Maybe... but we are going to have a lot of fun along the way as we dig through the entire catalogue. Each episode features gameplay footage on YouTube (no promises on decent play) to go alongside the latest podcast.

Every penny from Patreon goes straight back into the podcast, helping to keep the lights on. So please feel free to pledge/donate and offer your support!


For more episodes please visit the AMIGArama website.

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