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They who wander on the path of life.

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They who stray from the worn path to seek newness.

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They who venture out and find what others seek.



About Sebastian Ammerlynd

My name is Sebastian Ammerlynd. I create music and stories.

It is my dream to build a new and exciting fantasy tale of adventure by combining different mediums: music, text, images. I am especially interested in exploring the possibilities of music to help the story come to life in the mind of the reader. That is why I call my music BOOK MUSIC!

Your support will enable me to continue my exciting journey to finish the ARION trilogy and produce more great BOOK MUSIC for it. All contributions are deeply appreciated!

So far, I have been able to write the first part of the ARION trilogy (completed the first 8 chapters of part 2, rest of parts 2 & 3 plotted). I have also written, recorded and produced a number of musical pieces for part 1. In the future, I intend to produce more great free video content for my Youtube channel that will include:
1. audiobooks of parts 1-3 of "ARION - The Legend of the Tearstones" - read by myelf
2. music for parts 1-3 of the trilogy, including many songs - sung by myself
3. more great videos about my life as an author/musician and my creative process

If you would like to get an impression of my work so far, check out my Youtube channel ("Sebastian Ammerlynd" > ) or the first part of my novel "ARION - The Legend of the Tearstones" on Amazon (English version available).

I also would love to read and record a lot more free audiobooks and classical adventure stories for my Youtube channel (please check out my recording of three Jack London stories).
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I'll buy Omnisphere 2.5 to spice up my tracks. I know: awesome but expensive!
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