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is creating Music, Videos, performances, clothing, & natural beauty products
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About Najee Amaranth

When it comes to art, I create for the community. I come from a place where things are difficult, but don't we all. The real point is what we do to build a better situation for ourselves as well as our peers. Utilizing music as my medium I speak on social, political, economic, spiritual, and philosophical topics. As I say we all go through it, but using art applied progressively we can get through all of it. I also started an organization called The Oakland Mind. We came together to bring this art and music into the next level. And push the envelope, setting the bar so high that artists start focusing on real issues and the community again. I'm creating this campaign because I've been having a hard time balancing work-life-community- and music. I don't ask for much, but just a little bit goes a long away. If I could get help with the basic necessities in life I can focus my full attention creating art that influences a generation. As well as a platform for other artists to promote themselves and raise our collective consciousness.
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I've been working on an album and I'm on the final leg of it. I just need the mixing and mastering and I'll be able to release it. Beyond releasing it I'll be able to also release a video and promote an event. My biggest supporters will get in free as well as get shouts outs on the album.
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