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My name is Amon.  I'm an underground games developer, musician, graphic designer and hardware restoration specialist.  Being a self made multi-media entertainer has been the central occupation of my life now for the past ten years, starting in 2008 with the release of my psychological horror platformer "All Of Our Friends Are Dead".  It's been an education, a privilege, and one hell of a wild ride.

As a creator operating on the periphery, my work is as much an experience of discovery for me in creation as the end-results are for the audience.  I spend a lot of time experimenting with techniques, sounds, procedures and methods that often lie outside the boundaries of conventional logic.  (I have no idea what I'm doing)

I'm seeing an opportunity here. What if we create an inner circle, here in the confines of Patreon?  A place where I can share with you rough concepts of songs, early development builds of games, test ideas for new YouTube content, preview items I'll be selling on Etsy, Redbubble generally bounce ideas off.  As my investors, you'll be given more than just an inside track, you'll be given the opportunity to play an editorial role in the creation of my work.

If it weren't for people like you who believe in the work I do, I wouldn't have this job. The fact you made your way here and took time to read this is flattering on its own.  Now I'm inviting you to go the extra mile with me.  In an ideal world, bills wouldn't exist, food would be free, and Hawaiian shirts would grow on trees, unfortunately that's not the case.  I need your help if I want to pump the gas.  So, what do you say?  We'd be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way out to the end.
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Wee Peppercorns
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This is the ground level. You'll be helping me continue to make content while getting sneak peeks at early versions of upcoming episodes on youtube, art projects, game footage, and snapshots of new songs and various other projects
Liberators of Frank
per month
Now we're getting somewhere. Here you'll be given free digital download copies of all of existing games and albums in my catalog of work.  $5+ Patrons will also get special links on release date of new albums/games with discounts anywhere between 50-100% off for the first 30 days!
Keys to the CandyZoo
per month
Here's where you really want to be.  Every month I'll be releasing exclusive weird micro-games and desktop toys. Small projects to experiment with new ideas or just as a means for a weird joke.  These will never be released to the public and only Tier-3 and up patrons will be given download access to these.  Not only that, but you'll also most likely see various other things in the bundle as well.  Who knows what could be in there?
Vault of the Treasure Dragons
per month
Patrons here and higher will receive everything below plus interesting things in the mail every month.  What kinds of things?  Things that will excite you.
$46 of $1,000 per month
At this level I'll be able to fend off the stankridden rent-goblin for the most part.  That means the output of music, games and videos will happen at a generally steady pace... but...
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