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About Amorphous

Hi there! I'm DM, and I often go by Amorphous on the internet (...when the handle isn't taken, that is). I build weird games and write stories, usually involving ghosts and computers and very confused people.

If you'd like to see some of what I'm doing, I have a (somewhat frequently) updated page at Some things I've made and are public include:

Recording the Predestined Time, a visual novel about how people in a tiny town change over time
Starlight, a point and click game about lighting up the night sky
Excerpts from the journal of a lost soul, a somewhat nonsense glitchy dream manor adventure
The Four Old Gods, a very short tactical RPG about four friends

I always have way too many projects in progress at the same time, but the most prominent one for now is a web-based interactive fiction engine, upon which I'll be creating more prose-centric story games.

Why Patreon?

The brutally honest reason: because I would've wanted this sooner or later, and the 'finish page' indicator on my profile was getting annoying.

The actual reason: I figure if someone really is interested in getting more frequent and detailed updates to what I do, enough to pay me for it, then I should actually have the discipline to create those updates. At any rate, the option exists now. If there is additional interest for more content, we can reassess as time goes on.

How will this work?

This Patreon runs on a monthly schedule, as otherwise everything would be terribly inconsistent. Basically, I don't want to end up with a situation where I make like 5 things in 5 days and have that be reflected in Patreon pledges, nor do I want to leave everyone with radio silence for half a year either.

I'll provide monthly updates to patrons regarding all of my current projects, and in the future may provide demo builds or content for anything I can show off. I'm not quite sure yet what exactly that means - I'll be playing everything by ear as I figure out what it is we're all looking for here.

If you want to (sort of) keep up to date with my stuff but don't want to contribute to this yet, I also have a mailing list here: - though that one updates considerably less often than once a month. Hmm.
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Amorphous actually has to be accountable each month and make things.

Honestly I'd just be really happy? 
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