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About Amped

Welcome to Amped

We're a Discord based community that was started by a group of people who love music, to share and spread their love of music with like minded people. If you're looking for curated playlists to listen to, suggestions on new music, people to collaborate with, technical discussions about music creation, or even just like minded people who love music Amped is the community for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been around awhile?

Yes, we were formally known as Discord𝅳𝅳𝅳.FM. As the community has evolved, so has our brand.

How can I contact you?

You can talk to us through the Discord server, or send an email to [email protected] and we'll reply as soon as we can!

Are rewards automatic?

The Patreon bot is supposed to assign the role automatically, however it appears to fail occasionally. Our other rewards have to be given manually, so please contact a staff member on our Discord, or send us a message with your Discord account so we can contact you!

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