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is creating Video tutorials for researchers on how to use the SEER database

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Hello everyone. My name is Amr Ebied. I am a hematologist from Egypt with double master degrees in clinical hematology and healthcare management from Ain-Shams University (Egypt) and the University of Akron (3.94/4.00 GPA) respectively. Furthermore, I have a great experience in blood transfusion medicine having worked in the Egyptian National Blood Transfusion Services since April 2003, and I currently work as deputy medical director at a tertiary private-sector hospital in Egypt. I am planning to attend graduate school in clinical epidemiology, with an emphasis on health services research with respect to hematological malignancies and patient blood management.

I am here on Patreon to create educational videos for researchers on how to use cancer data within the SEER database to start their doing research using this real data that is available to anyone on demand. The advantage of the SEER database is that you can extract data of real cancer cases using a software (SEER*Stat) from the convenience of your home and start your research career as early and as quickly as possible. Another advantage to the SEER database is that it has a multitude of potential to enable researchers to do a variety of research papers using diverse statistical tools and methods. Although it has certain limitations like the relative lack of detailed data on treatment modalities like specific chemotherapeutic agents and radiotherapeutic techniques yet a researcher can overcome those limitations by learning how to access more specific (and of course paid) databases within the generally free-of-charge main database. Along the way, I intend to read scientific articles done using the SEER database, interpret their results, reverse engineer how researchers were able to use methodologies to derive their conclusions and create a video summary of my findings. I also intend to post statistical educational content in support of my posted updates. My long term goal is to pursue an academic career in clinical epidemiology, cancer epidemiology or transfusion medicine. The money that I hope to raise with your support is intended to help me afford to improve the quality of my videos, reach more educational resources, improve and diversify my educational content as well as let me overcome the financial burdens of pursuing my research career.
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When I reach $100 per month, I will increase my access to more paid educational resources, like enrolling in educational activities that are organized by the National Cancer Institute. Using these interactions, I will be able to cover more valuable content within my videos.
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