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Exclusive Bhakti hangout lounge where I will share content of one of these topics weekly :

-Tips and tricks on how to play the harmonium and how to develop your singing skills 

-Chords of my songs and popular chants so you can learn to play them on harmonium or guitar

-Mantra of the month, group intention setting

-Live kirtans / satsangs

Lakshmi - Bringer of abundant blessings
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A copy of wav and mp3 files and rights to use:

-ONE of my recorded songs (from either of my albums 'Into The 'Light' or 'Expansion') for the creation of your content in websites, promotional videos, instructional background music videos, or any of your creations 

For this Tier you need to maintain your subscription for a minimum of 3 months

-ALL AND ANY of my recorded songs (from either of my albums 'Into The 'Light' and 'Expansion') for the creation of your content in websites, promotional videos, instructional background music videos, or any of your creations.

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NOTE: Credits of ownership must be shared for each project in which the music is being used

Hanuman: The committed bhakta
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A monthly one to one session over Skype where I will guide you and give you personalized support on any of the subjects I teach and coach including:

-Playing the harmonium

-Tools to become a kirtan leader and rock it like a star!

-Tools to release physical and emotional blockages to open up your voice

-Emotional guidance and support through the process you are going through

I will share from my resource of tools what I feel will best help you in getting where you want to get, wether is becoming a kirtan leader, be able to play songs on the harmonium or feel more confident and comfortable with your voice. 

I'm basically going to be your cheerleader and support you as I can for you to get where you want to get ;)




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I have been singing since I remember. Singing has always been my 'go to' place to feel better, safer, more alive, more inspired, and more connected.

Chanting though, came to me when I was living in London about 10 years ago, after a few years of having practiced yoga but never really getting deeper into the heart of the practice.

Very soon after I discovered chanting, I was off to Guatemala to Jai Uttal's kirtan camp and after that experience I returned to London (where I used to live at the time) to buy a harmonium and spend time diving deeper into the world of bhakti.

Organically, I recorded my first album 'Expansion', started sharing kirtans and became clearer of my life's purpose, and in the midst of a life's crisis, I took a plane and left to Bali, where I decided to focus my energy on my healing journey and exploring my creative potential.

There, I started sharing kirtans and songs of devotion extensively in yoga classes, retreats, trainings, and all kinds of conscious events, and I also recorded my second album 'Into the light'.

Seeing people's faces lighten up and hearts open up to hugs and the love of 'strangers' so quickly after singing everywhere I go, keeps me inspired to keep sharing the power of singing, mantras and chanting.

Most recently, I became a certified 'Trauma release breathwork' practitioner, a tool that helped me immensely in getting in deeper connection with my intution and body and now I blend this in my singing classes and workshops to help people expand their voice capacity, in addition to all the healing that chanting and singing brings.

It's not easy to BE a singer and have this as 'what I do', but is the only way I know how to live in integrity. Doing what I love and what I believe in and staying truthful to myself is one of my purposes. I stay committed to being an example of living a life that is worth living, practicing as best as I can, to chose love over fear and to surrender to the higher power my plans, pains, fears and wishes.

Is not always easy or fun, very often is really hard, uncertain and challenging to keep choosing what I love and keep trusting things will work out...This is what I sing about, this is what I share through my music, classes and offerings. About my relationship with life and the divine...

You becoming one of my patreons, helps me keep going, feel supported and able to keep creating, so that I can keep doing everything I can to become the best version of myself, share my gifts with the world and contribute as I can to the healing of the planet.

You becoming a patreon and your contribution, is a blessing to me, and to all the people that can receive the healing of my creations! We are, together, co-creating a better world!

Thank you!

To listen to my music and see me sing live you can go here:

FB and Instagram: Amrita bhakti songstress


"Amrita sings like an open vessel - waiting and longing, yearning to be filled with God's presence. What a beautiful experience I had listening to her! Feeling I was with her, also being filled by a liquid golden light of infinite possibility" - Wah! Pioneer and internationally acclaimed kirtan leader

"I have never felt the presence of the goddess as strong as when Amrita sings. Her voice creates a space where everything is possible" - Azul Anaite, Shakti Cacao + Ignite your feminine wisdom

"Thank you for your voice, which is such a gift from heaven! Trancendental and heart melting every time!" - Denise Payne Yoga - Yoga Barn Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainee

"We had Amrita Liza Lilintahl sing and guide us through a Kirtan as part of the closing of our Yoga Teacher Training Immersion in Bali. She was a delight, her beautiful voice carried us through the words and the harmony and gently opened our hearts. Liza manages to take a playful take on some traditional Bhajans without losing the feeling of love and devotion. We all loved it! - Monica Gauchi - Yoga teacher trainee at 8 limbs yoga Australia

"Liza's presence, music, and heart centered mantras help unlock the deeper potency of the yoga experience. Her commitment of living bhakti helps bring the mind's attention from the surface to the still point within" - Janet Stone Yoga

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Once I get 50 patreons per month I will start organizing to record a new album (I have songs to record at least 3 new albums) but I'll start with one! And I will hire a manager to organize live concerts  and help me reach a wider audience around the world
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