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About Amy Kucharik

Hi! I'm Amy Kucharik (/kuh-CHAR-ick/). I'm an artist and a singer/songwriter... I make stuff! Mostly songs, posters about my shows (and sometimes other people's shows), and sometimes music videos. I released my debut full-length CD of all original music, Cunning Folk, in July 2014, and my new album, Until the Words Are Gone, will be released in 2018. My music is jazz/blues-infused folk. Some of it is funny. Some of it is dark. My posters feature my own illustration work, usually created in pen and ink or scratchboard, then colored in Photoshop. But I am always experimenting and learning new techniques.

I've been an artist and musician since I was old enough to remember, but I started making this my full-time profession around 2012. I am working very hard to make a sustainable income through my art. It's a full-time job doing all the business stuff it takes to be a professional freelance artist or musician, and many people believe that artists should support themselves by working a second job! In fact, I currently teach ukulele lessons and moonlight as an audio engineer/stagehand. Your support helps me pay myself for all the time I spend booking, researching, promoting, rehearsing, and learning new skills (such as writing musical notation)... Plus, it helps me to have more time to focus on being creative, writing new songs and playing music, or drawing new artwork -- the things that give me a reason to be alive.

Why Patreon?
When I need money, I often busk (usually in the streets and subways of Boston). I play songs that I hope will entertain people, spread good energy into the world, and bring people joy -- or comfort -- or catharsis. In exchange, people give me tips. (This practice also helps me become a better performer.)

Patreon is like a virtual tip jar, where you can give as little as $1 per month (you can set a maximum amount, in case I get really prolific!) or as much as $100+! The great part of it is that it supports my creative work, not just the commodity of a CD or print. It's like an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, but it will actually help me to live my life and create all kinds of new art and music -- not just one project. You'll be a patron of the arts... but you don't have to be a millionaire or wear a powdered wig to do it.

Other musicians I respect, Carsie Blanton and Danielle Ate the Sandwich, are successfully using Patreon to help them be able to make their art. In an economy in which it becomes more and more difficult for musicians to make a living, more and more of our lives are based online -- and even successful performers like Amanda Palmer tout the value and necessity of asking -- having a virtual tip jar seems like a no-brainer.

What art will I post on Patreon?
  • Demos of new original songs and old unreleased songs
  • Posters promoting my shows and other people's shows featuring my original artwork & design!
  • Covers of other people's songs (once every few months). Probably mostly 1930s tunes! But some modern ones too! Sometimes I spend time arranging the ukulele chords to these, in which case my post will include a ukulele chord chart.
  • Official music videos for released original songs (once in a while)
A lot of this content will be available to everybody on the Internet... But you, as the patron making it possible to create the content, will have access to some special exclusive thingies. The chord charts are for patrons only. And whenever possible, I'll give you first access to stuff before anybody else sees it.

Money, money, money, money
Just like with a tip jar, you can choose the amount you want to give. Pledge anywhere from $1-$100+ each month in return for rewards depending on the amount you pledge. I expect to post 1-4 pieces of content a month on average, but you can set your allowed monthly donation to an amount you're comfortable giving. You can also change your pledge amount at any time! Scroll on down to see the rewards & levels!

Even if you decide Patreon isn't for you, thank you so much for supporting my music, my artistic endeavors, and all the things I do. If you read this far: You rock! Thank you!

$46 of $50 per song, music video, or art poster
To be completely transparent, $50 per piece of content would mean that the time I spend posting the content is better spent doing this than taking on outside work, which means I could make Patreon a priority and dedicate time each month to posting with regularity. That's a goal in and of itself.
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