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You give me three dollars and your email, and I'll give you a personal thank-you email with some random thing I was thinking about that day.  Like how I've noticed that a disproportionate amount of my recent worldbuilding ideas involve egregores.  Or how I'm still kinda sad that the term "echidnafic" never took off.  Plus, you'll get listed in my Acknowledgements page, as per the $1 reward.
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per Short Story (or) Chapter of Novel

About An Owomoyela

My Work

I write a bit of everything speculative!  Mythic fantasy, hard science fiction, science fantasy, weird, and a bunch of the genres scatterplotted around those. My work can be found in numerous venues online, as well as a number of Year's Best compilations.  You can read more at my site, and browse some of the stories I've already written.

I do my best to keep my fiction freely available online. In my idealistic view of things, money should be used to facilitate the creation of work, not to get access to it.

My High Ideals

Since 2005, I've been publishing short stories professionally.  Since 2012, I've been editing them professionally.  And while I think that traditional publishing offers a lot of benefits, I think that newer funding models offer a lot of different ones.

Particularly, as an artist, I think that people can benefit from seeing their own realities – of race, culture, experience, ability, gender, sexuality, and all the many diverse facets of identity – reflected in fiction. And while a great many dialogues roil about the writing world on how to improve these, a more direct connection with people who want their story told and don't have a way to tell it isn't a problem that traditional publishing is poised to solve.

One of the things I would love to do is to work with my patrons to bring more of the stories they want to see into the world. I won't be able to work with everyone, nor take on every task (and, of course, I reserve the right to pick and choose what I want to work on), but heroic journies aren't nearly as fun if the challenges are easily-surmountable.  :)

How This Patreon Thing Works

You sign up to give me a certain amount of money for each thing I create and release. (If you want to make sure you don't go over-budget, you can set a maximum: say, you want to give me $5 per work, but don't want to spend more than $15 on me per month. Set up a maximum, and even if I write ten things that month, you won't get overcharged.)  Then, I dance – er, write – for your amusement.

Questions and Their Answers

  • Q: What is a work? How do I know I'm getting my money's worth, if I support you?
    For the purposes of releasing content through Patreon, I define a work as a complete (for what it is – a short story will be the entire story, whereas a chapter of a novel will be a complete chapter but not the complete novel) piece of prose writing no shorter than 4,000 words long. In reality, I tend to write short stories most frequently at lengths between 5,500 and 11,000 words – I often joke that I couldn't write a properly short short story to save my life.  If, especially in the case of novel chapters, I write something that falls below the 4,000 word minimum, I'll post it along with another piece of content so that I'm not skimping you on words.  So, there may be content releases which consist of two short chapters, or several pieces of flash fiction.
  • Q: But don't you also publish professionally?  Why are you here?
    A: I do publish professionally, and I plan to continue doing so. I'm here because I think that alternate publishing models are really interesting, and because I think they can fill some of the needs that traditional publishing can't.  My approach to balancing them will be this: sometimes, I'll feel that a certain story will be better-suited for a traditional market. If it gets accepted there, that's where it'll go.  And because many of the professional markets these days are free to read online, that's some bonus free fiction for you!

    (I'll never release content through Patreon if it's been published elsewhere.  The work's already been paid for, and all of you deserve nice things for sticking with me anyway.)

    Other times, a story might not find a match with an editor's tastes, or I'll be writing stories specifically for you guys.  Then, it goes here, and I'm working for you.
  • Q: Do I have to be a patron to read your stuff?
    Nope! None of the fiction I create for and release through Patreon will be backers-only.  I'm invested in keeping my fiction free to read, and I know these are tough times for a lot of people. I may offer other work or merchandise which you can buy, and of course I hope that people will like what I'm doing enough to support me or tip me... but if all you can spend on fiction is the time it takes to read it, I still know you've spent something, and I appreciate the gift. :)
$22 of $50 per Short Story (or) Chapter of Novel
Those who know me know that I'm all-but-incapable of writing original fiction below 1000 words.  Or below 4000 words, for that matter. But for you, I'll try: an upcoming release of content will consist of 6-10 stories of 750 words or less.  Plus, you get to shout out prompts – though they may not all be followed!
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