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About Anadia

 Hello everyone! My name is Heather but most of you know me more commonly as Anadia-chan. I live on the west coast of the US and I have a deep love for anything fantasy. Growing up I played a lot of video games, read far too many books, and of course: artwork. When I was eighteen I decided I wanted to become an artist and picked up a pencil. 
Over the past five years I have grown a lot. I have my own webcomic called Knights of Asherah, which you can read online for free Here
I enjoy doing portraits mostly. There's something about a person's face and especially their eyes that speaks to me. 

I have never taken any art classes. I taught myself how to draw starting out with pencil and then I bought my first tablet when I was almost nineteen after working a summer as a wildfire fighter. I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am today.
I appreciate your support of my artwork. It makes me happy that I can share my artwork with other people. Thank you very much :)

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At $500 I will hire another artist to help me out with my comics, so that I can bring you more content quickly. With the added help I can finally switch back to weekly chapters without overwhelming myself.
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