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You are now allowed to request a blog you want to see me ensure updates for! You can also view all bonus pictures here.
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You get the previous reward AND, see that commission button on my art blog? You get 10% off a commission.
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You get the previous rewards AND you get bonus blog content in the form of one requested blog character picture. Just let me know what character you want bonus drawings of.




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About Meg

As you know, I run a lot of ask blogs and do art of my own on the side. I try to update at least one of my art related blogs a day, but, which blog I update depends on what mood I'm in and what blog has a plot I am currently working through. 

General Art Blog
That's Not Very Punk Rock of You  (An adventure RPG blog sort of in the style of Ruby Quest)
Ask a Celebi
Ask an Absol (Chris and the Universe. Joint blog with a friend.)
Ask Giegue and Crew
Ask ABC (Joint blog with a friend)
Rock the City Scholar 
Ask Etihw and Kcalb (Joint blog, I run Kcalb's part)

Sometimes, I get distracted from updating specific blogs, or hit a slump in my art and push everything to the side. That's where this comes in. If you decide to donate, even just a dollar, you suddenly have leverage with me to say, hey, Meg, were you thinking of updating x blog soon? And I will listen. You can get me to draw the content you want to see.

Other exciting things you can see if you decide to support me are concept sketches and possibly some extra bonus content for future posts or pictures. There's a good chance there could be a few spoilers, too, so, let me know if you don't want to see that sort of thing.

If you want to purchase any prints, send me a message and I can work something out with you!
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If we hit this point I will need to think of a new, better goal while dealing with being flustered by your kindness. I will probs draw something for everyone, too.
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