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Digital Copies of my stories delivered directly to your inbox (in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf format), for convenient reading on your tablet or digital book-like device. PLUS! Access to my Patron-only feed, where I plan to post various drafts, free-writes, poems, and other random things that come out of my head (which may or may not drive those who look upon them insane). Do you dare to stare into the abyss?

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In addition to access to my patron-only feed, receive a DELUXE Digital Edition of each completed story, which will always include at least one extra illustration, and one supplemental story perk: character bios, world building notes, side stories, or a sneak peek at what comes next.

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About Annie Kirke

Dear Reader,

If you have found this missive, then it means that not all is lost. For those who love stories, and for those of us who both love them and write them, readers are the most important thing in this world. Without them, words are nothing more than marks on paper--and books are mere coffins for dead worlds.

As for myself, I have been writing for as long as I can remember--channeling the strange images in my head into fantasy stories and novels. Patreon gives me a chance to share these stories with you.

My first novel, A Murder of Crows is now available to purchase as a kindle e-book or through Dying Arts Press. However, if you donate through this Patreon, I promise to make it worth your while with some goodies and extras that can't be got through Amazon ;)

In any case, I sincerely hope that you find something you like in this little corner of the web that's mine. If you're up for an adventure, I'd be happy to have you along for the ride!

Annie K.

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