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About An Average Aspie

I'm An Average Aspie! A youtuber who has Asperger Syndrome with a love for talking about the latest news! Review/Unbox stuff from all corners of the globe in any medium and rant about the most mundane crap, ALL for your enjoyment! Showing everyone that anyone with Aspergers can cast insightful, humorous or crazy sparks into anybodies lives!  

With a bit of your support, I can be stable and continue to make and plan more content while evolving my skills and your positive experience with me! I'm starting off with a simple request for 1$+ a month, your choice. Overtime with more content means more goodies to share to everyone. Meaning in the future I'll add more pledges. But I'll ask each and everyone of you in the patreon chat to see what you want and how it will be done. What can I say? I'm just an Average Aspie giving you all the power! So that I can deliver you my fellow Patrons an awesome channel!
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I live in a conservative christian/catholic household where I was taught that swearing is bad and that I must take my families swear/ecchi free beliefs into account for my content. But just like how explicit songs cost a bit more. If my family sees that I get more support for being like the rest of society. Then they'll have to back off from what I do. Meaning no bleeps or weird censors for even tame fanservice shots. Though I still have to block actual nudity since internet video policy.
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