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Hey my Patron! I am rewarding you with a personal reading with fortune telling cards for your zodiac sign on a monthly basis as long as you keep your 10$ monthly support! I will need your personal details like name, date of birth, exact birth hour (with AM or PM), place of birth (city and country) and the email where you want to receive the reading. Also, will want you to let me know about what you need to know monthly: love, job, business etc. After you pledged to me, send me an email on my personal address to check your pledged and your personal info. My email is: s[email protected] and I will get back at you as soon as possible. The reading will be in form of a video like it is on my channel for zodiac signs. I will send you your private link on your email when the reading is done. :) Thank you in advance for being my patron! Blessings! :)


Your true friend,

Anda Stan



About Anda Stan

Hello my dear friends! I want to be friends and create a community of genuine friends! With all my projects I want to share opinions, experiences, teach you things that I know, learn together things that I have just learned myself, when I will publish my books to make them available to you if you will be interested enough to read them and also to interact with my videos from my YouTube Channel VR2VRFRIENDS that I have started in September 2017 and many more. I want to help you like a friend with all I can and listen to you and also to give advices and support as much as I can and able to do. I am an open-minded person, ready to learn new things and build myself as a person and also to help others do the same.
Some of my mottos in life:
“Don’t judge and don’t be judged!”
“Always learn today’s lesson and tomorrow will be easier”
“Never give up!”
“Perseverance is the key to success.”
“Life is a game and always find strategies to overcome problems in order to be the winner of your own life.”
“You are never alone, awaken the worrier in you and will be your best defense.”
“Say NO to depression.”
“Problems are there only to test you and upgrade you as a person making you stronger.”
“The only person that you should truly consider your worst enemy and could really put you down is only you.”
The video attached is the latest video I have on my YouTube channel. After I made this video, I decided to start a new book for self-improvement, motivational and inspirational that has the same title "Love Yourself Or Lose Power". I am currently working on it and very excited to create it! :)
These are only a few things about me, what I want to offer you is: Let’s be friends and grow together and overcome everything. United we are stronger and will deal with anything life has in store for us:)
I wish you all only positive things in life, may God bless you and change for the better!
Your friend,
Anda Stan
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When I reach 500 per month I will respond with a video to questions my patrons have for me. :)
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