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Thank you for your support! If you like that thread you saw on Twitter or Facebook, and you're trying to help in the best way you can, all patronage is appreciated. I'll also send monthly dog pictures of my fur babies, Kai (Alaskan husky) and Roxy (Pomeranian)
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Thank you for your support! If you like that thread you saw on Twitter or Facebook, and you're trying to help in the best way you can, all patronage is appreciated. In addition to my gratitude, you'll receive both a thank you tweet and a mention in the regular blog posts.




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I'm Andray Domise: Columnist, author, and book reviewer. I also tweet, quite a bit. Since 2014, I've used my column writing and social media habits to engage conversations on race, class, sexuality, mental health, and nerd culture. 

What I Write

I once tried fitting my creative writing into the gaps between my full-time work and multiple freelance gigs. That...didn't work out so well. Going this route will allow me to keep my column schedule streamlined, and to keep my writing much more focused towards posts, essays, and reviews that amplify voices of colour. Producing the work comes much easier when it isn't constrained by the on-spec nature of most print and digital media outlets.

So what does that look like?

Blog Posts (Right away)
I cover a lot of ground - gaming, pop culture, race, politics, and I bring both my career background and my Black nerd lens to my essays. The best of the bunch will be released in a monthly newsletter along with the reviews.

Book Reviews (Once 1st goal is reached)
Because authors of colour have an extraordinarily hard time breaking into the mainstream market, I'd like to do my part by reading their work, and producing reviews at least once a month. Authors like Minister Faust, Nnedi Okorafor, and Amish are currently high on my list. And I'm always open to suggestions!

  • Sojourners (once 1st goal reached): A serialized adventure story about young travelers in a very weird future, searching for their parents through the lyrics to a long-lost song. 
  • Numidians at the Wall (once 2nd goal reached): A serialized historical fiction podcast about a Numidian cavalry who are called up by the Roman empire to take down a threat at Hadrian's Wall. 
  • As Yet Unnamed Afrofantasy Story (once 3rd goal reached): An epic fantasy story set within a declining empire, barely holding itself together before a powerful force returns to upend the lives of a farmer, a soldier, a noblewoman, and a student. 

Who I am

The first time I picked up a video game controller was in 1983, two years before kindergarten. I opened my first X-Men comic book a year later. By grade 1, I'd inhaled C.S. Lewis' The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and I fell right out when my mother gifted me the remaining Chronicles for Christmas. I say all this to say, I've been a geek since before I knew what a geek even was. 

I also grew up Black in Toronto, Ontario. Which meant I saw faces of colour all around me in the real world, but I had to use my own imagination when it came to Faerûn and Middle Earth. This is why I started reading into the history of the African continent, getting to know entire worlds and cultures that are almost nonexistent in the mainstream fantasy genre.

My paid writing gigs have covered topics from cultural appropriation, to labour policy and class warfare, to police brutality. I enjoy what I do, and I consider my essays important work, but this is writing that I consider subtractive. It takes something out of me to produce this work. Creative writing, on the other hand, is nourishing. The characters I create, and the world in which I've grown them, adds something to me. And hopefully, it allows me to add something something beneficial to the world.

But the business of creative writing is, after all, a business. As a new father, writing on spec isn't something I've got the convenience of doing any more. So I started this Patreon account to experiment with telling everything from children's stories to fantasy epics. I'd like to write stories that my daughters can one day read, and stories that I hope you'll enjoy too. 

Thanks very much for your support! I'm looking forward to creating with, and for  you.
$65 of $500 per month
There's a cost to all writing I do - time dedicated to one piece of work is time taken away from another. Reaching this goal means I can pass up two freelance pieces, and put that time towards blog posts (written and video) as well as book reviews.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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