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Hi everyone and welcome to my patreon page! My name is Andrea Harring and I am here to seek support and funding for our recent production label called Tonnesen Productions. Tonnesen Productions not only produces videos, but it's also the starting grounds for the band called Tonnesen. AJ Tonnesen decided to start a project by playing all of his own instruments as well mastering and editing all of his own tracks. Earlier this year, he put out his first album called Tonnesen, where it can be seen and heard on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and etc... The next step in his music journey was to put out his first music video, so that is where I came in.

         I am currently a full time college student but love to film on the side. So we decided to collaborate and create a video for his first single In the Water. I did the videography, directing, editing, and acting for this video. It was not easy filming in the summer heat of Florida, but I finally finished it last month. It received a lot of positive feedback from friends and fans. So now the fan base has encouraged us to promptly put out another video and this is where funding plays a crucial role.

         Due to being a college student and new artists, we don't have the necessary equipment and resources that we would need for a better production. With an extremely low budget, I was limited to filming off my iPhone 6s Plus and a donated tripod. I used the free lighting services of natural outside light, and the beautiful scenery of Florida's forests and beaches. But for the next few projects, we would love to rent venues, buy better equipment, and more efficient editing softwares. 

        So not only will donations be appreciated, but your support and feedback as well! We can't wait to show you all our art and passion! Here is what we have created so far, we hope you enjoy! 
$0 of $5,000 per month
Our first goal would begin with reaching $5,000. This would cover a new camera, laptop, and editing software. 
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