Andrei Pastushuk

is creating interior design, architecture, yacht design, product design
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About Andrei Pastushuk

Interior/Exterior Design Architect, extremely passionate about a special kind of design - an authentic kind. I'm always trying to reflect this passion in my works. Please, afford a minute to visit my portfolio:

Most focused on providing a high quality architectural and product design consultancy service, experienced in Luxury Real Estate and Superyacht Design, with a distinctive accent on a High-End quality of style, and an "iconic" approach in buildings design.

I work in different architectural styles and always observe all the good manners in architecture. I'm a believer in smart and well organized work. The hard core of any project has to be made of clear goals and a good project plan & schedule.

Having a great experience in various types of developments allows me to always have clear goals and correct priorities for every new project. The Designs that I produce are everything but irrational, meaningless and thoughtless.

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