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Thank you! You are the BEST and I am grateful for your support, truly, no matter how much you’re giving me. You’ll get first crack at all of the things I make — I’ll send you links, downloads, PDFs, or whatever form the things take as soon as they go live! And you’ll get to be a part of the discussion here about what you think, too.
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Hi! I’m Andrea Phillips, an author and game designer. I like to make stories—but they don’t all take the form of something you can read or watch from beginning to end. If you’re fancy, you could say I like to experiment with narrative structure and form, with an eye toward creating story archaeology.

But for the rest of us? Let’s just say I like to make bits and pieces from other worlds. Things like, oh, a time traveler’s diary in a Google Calendar. Or the story of your first day at a new job. Or the correspondence around some wedding planning gone wrong.

But here’s the problem: a lot of the things I’d love to play with can’t really be sold as short fiction; they can’t be password-locked, can’t be word-counted, can’t be flattened.

I still want to make all of those things, you guys. But it’s hard to justify doing the kinds of work my heart sings for when you know it isn’t going to pay the bills. Because the grocery store doesn’t care how fulfilling I’m finding my creative work when it's time to pay at the checkout.

…And that’s where you come in!

Some of you are long-time fans of my work and may have some expectations around what kinds of thing I might make. So in the interest of keeping things joyful and harmonious I thought I should make a bunch of things clear up front about what I'll be doing—or more precisely, what I won't be doing! 

First, none of the actual things I make will be patron-locked. Please don’t expect exclusivity in the artifacts that I make! That's part of the problem I'm trying to solve. But rewards like kitten* pics and process videos WILL be locked to various Patreon tiers.

Second, this is not going to be a collection of puzzles or interactive games, though some of the artifacts may have interactive elements. I’m not making alternate reality games! And none of the things I make will take you long to get through. Low commitment is the keyworld. Probably a few minutes for most things; certainly less than an hour.

And finally, not everything I make will be NEW and INNOVATIVE. One of the things I’m most interested in, creatively, is iteration. So yes, I made a story in a Google Calendar once before. But can I make a better one? A more interesting one? What kinds of stories can you tell in the shape of a survey? How far can you push a simple email autoresponder?

Hey, why don’t we find out together? :)

Well, the thing about Tabitha is. Um.

She’s an unusual breed.

You’ll see. 

Hey, that's OK, not all of us have so many dollars to spare. If you're not ready to commit but you still want to hear about it when I make new stuff, join my mailing list and I'll let you know. <3 (Just... not as soon as my patrons!) And thanks for your time and attention!
$49 of $500 per story
Consistency! Monthly launches for sure! (Uh, unless I have a hurricane or something.) Until then I’ll post new stories whenever I get a chance, but there’s a risk of being crowded out by other work that pays more. Sorry. :(  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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