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We've had lots of people playing with us over the years, and we know some people face financial hardship but want to contribute at least something. We want you to know that you are appreciated.

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This comes out to about 1/10th of the annual cost to run the server and other associated services. 

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Over the course of the year, this is about 1/5th of the annual cost to keep things going. 




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We are a free to play small public gaming community running a server in Los Angeles CA, which has hosted many Minecraft modpacks going back to about 2013. We are on the lookout for other collaborative self-hosted multiplayer games to add to the server, such as Space Engineers, Factorio, Satisfactory, and Astroneer.

Most of our community uses the Discord social chat platform which has iPhone, Android, and Windows/Mac chat software. In addition there is a mechanism set up that allows players in the Minecraft games to chat with people in Discord, via our "Global" chat group. There is no cost to join or use Discord. Use this link to join our Discord community:

We also have a website and community forum at though it is no longer as active as it once was, as it was costing $300 a year. It has been downgraded to free mode, and we now primarily just use it for public announcements.

Our gaming server costs about $1000 a year or $84 a month to keep running. It is a few years old but still quite high performance, with 64 gig memory, 500 gig SSD, 6-core Xeon 3.5ghz, gigabit Internet, and DDOS protection.

Previously we were hosted by a gaming server company called Intreppid / Staminus, which had some business difficulties in about 2015, and gave us a huge discount to stay on with them. We have looked around, and even as of 2019 it is still not possible to get as good of a price vs performance server hosting deal from anywhere else, so we want to keep our gaming server going for as long as possible.

There was a time in about 2013 when Minecraft was extremely popular and many people were donating huge amounts of money to help pay for public gaming servers. But due to a decline of interest in Minecraft, the donations have slowly dried up, and Plawerth / Dale Mahalko is now currently paying the server hosting costs almost entirely himself, having now paid probably $3000 out of pocket for the last several years.

Please help us out and consider donating a few dollars a month to help keep our public gaming community alive.
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