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About And The Geek Shall

And The Geek Shall are a small creative collective who produce video & blog content that covers many aspects of Geek Culture but is primarily focused on Trading Card Games like Magic: the Gathering, book/literature critiques, video games and Let's Play videos and general commentaries on happens in Geekdom.

We are starting small but hoping to create bigger and better content through your support.

Video coming soon.
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Just the most basic that you can help out with.

If enough people sign up for this level we can send every supporter a signed card (we need to ensure money in is > money out).

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Each $5 support will receive 3 signed TCG card (Yu-Gi-Oh, MtG, etc) sent any where in the world.
Above basic
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Those who pledge $10 will receive 5 random cards plus one bulk rare, all signed and given a snappy quote from one of our creators. All shipped anywhere in the world.
A better tier of people
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Anyone who pledges $20 will get a personalised deck tech from one of our creators for any TCG game that you play. Personally customised to your ideas and play style.

Specialities of our creative team are uniqued themed EDH/Commander decks but they have experience in Yu-Gi-Oh, BushiRoad games like Weiss Schartz & Vanguard and the My Little Pony FIM CCG.

You'll also receive 4 random signed rare cards.

The rarest of the rare
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If anyone pledges $50 not only will they get 2 custom decks designed for them, they will also get a video deck tech on those decks.

On top of that, you'll also get a play test video of you deck.

$0 of $100 per month
If we reach $100 or over per month we will be able to purchase parts for our deck tech and play test videos, add to the rewards we can give our Patrons, purchase books to review (usually 2nd hand) & cover our basic expenses for producing content.
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