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Exclusive access to new and rare Food Forest seeds and plants. For example sweet plantain or purple tree collard.
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What you support

  • Establish more and better Food Forests.
    Contributing to cover travel and accommodation expenditure for free of charge public Food Forest consulting.
  • Research and field tests in search for as much as possible edible / useful Food Forest plant guilds. Literature research, designing test sites, performance tests and free docs of results.
  • Horticulture and Permaculture research.
    Example: Exploration and application of gender change mechanisms in useful plant species with separate genders.
    Application: One-genome-only female seed clones, seeds that always produce true from seed female plants.
  • Help to finish the free ”Manual for creating a foraging map for your region/city”.
    With detailed info and examples for finding, harvest, processing and storage. With at least 3 recipes per foraged food with the foraged food as the main ingredient (12 chestnut recipes). You may even find some guerrilla planting tips :-)
  • Improve my Manual for creating a community Food Forest on public land.
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When I reach 250 patrons, I'll will work full-time on community projects. To fill your basket with food for free.
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