Andy Hunt

is creating weird art and tabletop games.
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About Andy Hunt

Hi! I'm Andy. I freelance for Epic Games making art for Fortnite, I created/designed/illustrated the game NecronomiCards, and I wanna draw monsters all day er'day. Won't you be my sugar mommies & daddies and help me afford this ridiculous lifestyle?

I want to design insane monstrosities (or honestly anything else that would be fun to illustrate), and if you help me I'll take requests! I'm also working on a few new game ideas, inculding a dice version of NecronomiCards and an insane massive game about warring factions of post apocalyptic mutants, and I need more free time to work on those!

Won't you please join me in this insane adventure? I'll make you art! I'll show you how I work! I'll be able to afford to eat!

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When I reach this goal, I'll dedicate more of my time to creating tabletop games and other physical things (books? comics? who knows?) for you to enjoy.
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