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  • Early Access to many of my videos, which you will be able to watch 1 day up to 3 days before they go public.
  • Patreon Only Reactions S: 
    Once a month, I will react to a short video or short film only for you, my patreons. You may suggest videos to me in the comment section here (No full episodes of series)
  • You will get mentioned in written form in many of my videos when I give a shoutout to my patrons.
  • Access to a super secret Discord server, only for my supporters!
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  • FULL EPISODE REACTIONS for most of my cut reactions from YouTube. Each will be posted here to watch for two weeks.
  • Patreon Only Reactions XL:
    Access to PATREON ONLY REACTION SERIES! Full episode reactions, of course!

    List of series so far:
    - Green Eggs and Ham
    - Infinity Train Book 1 & 2
    - MLP:Friendship is Forever (Clip shows)
    - Steven Universe Future

    Also included: my "Steven Universe the movie" reaction.  
  • EARLY RELEASE reactions of RWBY about one week earlier, no episode video or audio, but with a timecode to synch the reaction with the episode.  
  • Access to current reactions RWBY episode that is still blocked on youtube. This is the reaction with episode audio and video!   
  • Super secret area on my supporter Discord server - including own news and chatroom
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  • Hero Reaction:
    Once a month I will react to an episode of your choice.
    I prefer lighthearted stuff, adult content is basically okay, but no porn or sick gory torture stuff. Other than that you're free to suggest whatever you want me to react to. You have to request your monthly hero reaction via message or comment here or on my Discord server until the end of the month, or it expires.  
  • I will read your name aloud and thank you personally at least twice a month in my videos. 
  • Super duper own area in supporter discord server - including own news and chat area.
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Hey guys,

I am a passionate cartoon fan living in Berlin, germany.
Watching my favourite series and content that interests me pulls my through all kinds of emotional journeys and I love creating reaction videos to share them with you.

And with your support, I can share them for many years to come!

Since I spend much time on this, patreon support would help me to buy new and better equipment
and keeping my channel up, assuring its quality. 

Also by becoming a patron you can get the chance to influence the content on my channel and get exclusive reactions made only for you.

If you love my content, please support me and be rewarded in equal measure.

Take Care!
~ Andy
$34 of $50 per month
With this amount of money each month I will be able to afford a NEW MICROPHONE! This one:

My microphone is now 9 years old now, its almost a wonder that it still works.

Without a good microphone I can only record crappy audio and no one wants that, so help me out getting a good one for your audio pleasure!
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