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Hey! I'm Andy and I have been meaning to get over here on Patreon for some time...

I am a mixed media artist, you may already know me from the music I create, but I also make videos for tracks (when I can), take many photographs, paint with oils (I was university educated in Fine Art), and I write.

I  would love to have your support in my artistic endeavours, and in return I'll show you everything I create FIRST.
You'll get major credit and shout outs
You'll get albums, singles, CDs, T-shirts, behind-the-scenes videos, and random unique stuff like album pre-release artwork, prints, loads of randomness from Sonar studios - and maybe you have ideas too, so let me know what you'd like!

It's a crazy situation; most artists are criminally underpaid, but the world consumes art on an industrial scale! And it's all free online. But is it, really? Supporting art makes you FEEL GOOD... Try it! 

Anyway...hope to see you again soon, and maybe, if you want to hang here, I'll see you regularly!

All the best,

Sonar x
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