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--- Welcome to my Patreon site, one and all ---
Those who know me from social media are already aware that I'm an outspoken anarchist and leftist, but now it's time to let my inner capitalist out. As a self-taught photographer, and an unapologetic egotist, my firm conviction is that my best subject in front of the lens has always been myself. To that end, your contributions to this site will go entirely toward the purchase of upgraded camera equipment and software to produce the finest images possible ---and maybe even some outfits you'd like to see me in. Different patronage levels are available which will allow for greater levels of access, but rest assured, unlike other models, I do not need your money to pad my bank account. The more you give, however, the more you'll get --- don't blame me for how the world works.

For those just discovering me for the first time, you're in for an eye-opening experience, I promise you that. Here is where my thoughts and opinions will be on display for all to see as well as my body, and you would do well to approach the situation with an open mind --- but if that's beyond your capabilities and all you want to do is look at my tits, that's okay, too. I don't discriminate, and all are welcome.

Anekee van der Velden
$111 of $3,000 per Posting a new photo with a story
My goal? To obtain high quality photographic equipment and costumes for a full-length book of prose-and-pictures erotica.
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