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is creating 2D/3D Animations/Motion Graphics

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  • I will make a GIF of your artwork: a digital sketch or painting, for instance.
  • I will then share it across social media (Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook), directing my followers to all of your fabulous work! (It'll also go into my Portfolio, but of course your name will be watermarked into the GIF.)
  • Please note that it'll take a couple of weeks to make these GIFs because the computer I use is a decent drive from home and I only go once or twice a week.
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  • I'll knit you a travel mug cozy! Carry your caffeine fix in style!
  • Pick a color or colors, or get really fancy and ask for one inspired by your favorite TV show, movie, or book character. See the Dr. Spencer Reid cozy above. Yes, that's a messenger bag hiding off to the side, and it's functional. It holds tea bags and sugar packets.
  • I'll need measurements. Don't take the picture above at face value. I'm much better at increases and decreases now. Your cozy won't be loose at the bottom.
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  • This is the same concept as the mug cozies. Just tell me the color(s), theme, and measurements. I'll take care of the rest.
  • The example above is a scarf I'm knitting for myself. It's unfinished, but it gives you the general idea.




per creation


I'm an introvert, so I loathe discussing (read: praising and selling) myself. It makes me feel pretentious. I'll still try.

I'm a visual learner and storyteller, which makes me a great animator and video editor. I'm working towards applying these strengths to the Public History field - education outside of the classroom! However, I'll happily create animations, educational or otherwise.

I don't like - I obsess. When I set my heart and mind on something, I give 1000%.

Oh, I also knit!

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