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My eternal gratitude for sparing me your change. Every little bit helps for a starving artist . 
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You kind souls get to see my sketches and concept art. Previews of my work in progresses... that kind of stuff.

**Disclaimer: All this is of course subject to when I actually have content to upload but I sketch daily so you'll definitely see stuff.

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You Tony Stark's of the world will get a bust drawing from me of any character or your choice. (comics, anime, manga movies, tv etc.) Files will be sent digitally.



About Angela Qi

Yo... I'm Angela, a Singaporean born, aspiring comic book artist and animator.

I'm currently an animation student studying in Sydney Australia trying to break into mainstream comic books like DC or Marvel. However, if I can make enough of my own money, I have ambitions to make my own comics. Comics that I have been working on since I was a wee dork barely able to spell (I still can't spell) and one day, even my own animated films.  I work in many various mediums from digital, to traditional and even acrylic paints. However, I am a MAJOR NERD at heart and I particularly love drawing my trashy fan art.

My goal y'all

✦ To make some freaking money


✦ To create my own comics and one day, adapt them into animated films. 

To anyone generous to actually give money to a stranger... I will offer commissions and give you access to my WIP's. I really don't expect anything to actually come to this as I am to cynical to believe that anyone would throw money in my direction, but if you do. YOU have my UNDYING GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, and I'll be doing my best to create content that makes your money spent feel worthwhile.

Thank you 

(also more art on my insta:

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Testing the waters to see if this platform is a viable source of income. You know, before I die of starvation at the side of the road. If I do make this amount, I'll consider making my own comic that I have been formulating in my mind since... forever. 
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