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About Angela R. Sasser

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Hi, I'm Angela and welcome to my Patreon! For those who don't know me, I'm an independent artist who loves to create rich, detailed art that indulges my passion for folklore and fantasy (you can explore my portfolio of work here).  Since the beginning of my career, I've been working freelance, but now I want to focus on creating my own personal visions of the kind of art and stories I want to see out in the world!

Pledging as little as $1 gives you direct access to my Inner Circle where you can help me by voting in polls, making suggestions, etc.  You'll also get exclusive Secret Sketchbook access for Patreon-only sneak peeks, tutorials, creative process notes, digital wallpapers, and more!  All Patrons will also have access to my Secret Shop where they can collect Patreon-exclusive items.  Interested in Coloring Pages and narrated Tutorials? I have tiers for those!

To access the Secret Shop, new Patrons will be sent a survey via email from my Backerkit which will show them the hidden path to my Secret Shop. This email may take up to 24 hours to arrive.

Check out my Rewards section to see all the amazing things that'll happen when you become my Patron here on Patreon!

What Am I Creating?

I am currently working on a body of work called the Birthstone Goddesses, a set of birthstone-themed images within a larger series of Gemstone Goddesses I am planning for the future.  The Birthstone Goddesses combine my love of the decorative elements of Art Nouveau and the folklore of holiday traditions to create a goddess who encompasses each month of the year and its representative birth flower and birthstone.  

I plan to create art, coloring books, art books, calendars, and more based on this series!  Pledging here on Patreon grants you access to the ground floor of my ambitions. Be a part of the dedicated folks who help bring my dreams to life on my journey to publication!

The following is a tentative list of art I'll be creating for this project! Note that freelance work and other responsibilities may come first, so some months may have less art than others, making pledging to this account more about supporting me as an artist on our journey of creation together while I also balance my responsibilities to the real world and the less art-related parts of this project (like writing and layouts). I'll be sharing my journey of creation with you along the way!

Tentative Art List

  • Enamel Pin Designs for Each Birthstone Goddess
  • Chibi Birthstone Goddesses Sticker Designs
  • Supplemental Art for the Art Book
  • Individual Mandala designs for each Goddess
  • Alternate versions of my favorite Goddesses
  • Cosplay Charts of the Birthstone Goddesses
  • Birthstone Goddesses Wall Calendar
  • More TBA!  See my Project Status updates for more details.

An example of the Lady of January's set of painting and matching mask.

The completed Ladies of the Months main series.  See the full gallery of paintings and masks here.

A peek at some of the preliminary sketches for the supplemental art to be added to the upcoming Birthstone Goddesses art book.

When Will I be Charged?
  • Patrons will always be charged on the 1st of each month regardless of how much art I share here, whether that be one piece or many pieces.
  • My Patreon is a Charge Up Front account, which means anyone who pledges at any time during the month will be charged immediately and then on the 1st of the month from that point onward.  Be mindful of this if you are pledging towards the end of the month!

Welcome Gifts & Exclusive Items for Patrons!

ALL of my Patrons pledging $1 or more will receive a digital download of my Fantasy Art Angels coloring pack, a $9.99 value!

For a limited time while I'm working on the Gemstone Goddesses series, ALL Patrons, current and new, will be receiving a one-time Thank You gift inspired by the Lady of Eternity! The higher your pledge, the more swanky your gift will be!  Check this post to see what gift you will receive at each Patron tier! 


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$230 of $450 per month
At this amount, I'm officially making enough here on Patreon to completely cover our health insurance costs, which is a must for the ongoing health conditions of my husband and myself.

You guys are my heroes!  To celebrate good health, I'll create a new special art piece dedicated to my Patrons when we reach this goal!
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