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About Cynail Secord

Hey all, I am still working on this and setting up on my patreon. But if you are new, than allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cynail Secord, I am an artist, animator and a game designer and many more, but I am also a YouTuber trying to grow my audience, if you like my content and would like or love to support me. You can only for a $1 or $5! c: Why support me you asked? Well by supporting me, you will get to see my up coming videos, comics, novels and many more. You will also be future in my future videos, basically your name will be in the credits as a thanks for supporting me. However in $5 you will also get to be part of my works, like voice acting ( depends on things, not promising this one for everyone) and you will definitely 100 pure cent will help me out with ideas etc, to help my work grow and improve on the things I am working on! 

( P.s my real name isn't Cynail, but it will be very soon this year of 2019. ^ ^)

( Will be working on an intro video in the near future for my patreon page. c: )

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If I reach this many supporters, I will make a special video as a thank you. I won't say what it be, since it'll be a surprise. ^ ^

Why 7 supporters tho? I was going to do 5, but 7 is better because that is the age I actually decided what I wanted to do in my life. c: The age 7 is important to me, just like you all when we reach this goal, because this is the number of age I was when, I decided on my life career will be, and set out my dream goals. That is why, if I get 7 supporters, Since I never even gotten 5 or even 3 people have given me cash to support me on my works before, will be a big thing for me. But 7, yeah you all are worth it to make some thing big. And that is why I will make a special video for all those have reach our goal, or even over. I will make an awesome video as a thank you. ^ ^
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