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I'm a fairly new creator, I am streaming videos on twitch and will also start uploading videos on youtube soon. I am trying to make my hobby and dream of becoming a youtuber a reality, however, to do this I need equipment and some way to pay my bills. That's why I created this patreon, I appreciate all the help that I can get!!
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A loyal follower supports me and wants to have a greater role than the rest of my followers! You will be able to impact my channel and my content.
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The most committed out of all my followers will become my personal friends, you will be able to have greater impact on my videos and I will personally see you as a friend of mine and will try to communicate more with you!
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When I manage to reach this incredible amount, I will make a thank you video where I will thank all my patreons and I will officially be able to make videos full time! This is when my dream becomes reality! Furthermore, I will introduce more rewards and possibly have some sort of give away where I will offer something that you patrons choose!

I believe that with enough hard work, we will one day be able to achieve this goal!
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