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About Angrycheese

My name is angrycheese, my main site is , I update the site every day with new comics, games, stories, etc. and having a little bit of help with a buck here or there would be perfect for support to help me focus on bringing stuff out faster and coming up with new projects and ideas.
There are many things I upload (or plan to upload) on the site, here is a short list with screenshots and everything else:
  •  Angrycheese comics
The bread and butter of the site, I post a comic every week or on special holidays and try to keep it fresh and nice! Also from time to time you get something else angrycheese-related but those are all surprises!

  • Tales
These are currently a work in progress, in short I am working on short stories about dragons, knights, princesses and all those nice things you can read to kids before their sleep or just to yourself for fun!

  • Junk
Other than my main projects, I frequently upload wallpapers, drawings and other useful things on the site. Enjoy them all you want!

  • Games
Sometimes I get creative with game maker and make little games for your enjoyment! I have a history of about 8 games, worked on some, helped with some, some of them I just blurbed into existence. They are all passionate creations nevertheless and I sincerely hope you have fun with them!

  • ???
What I just listed is definitely not everything! But what else is there? We will see what the cheese cooks up!
$0 of $1 per month
I will post a little gif on my site of angrycheese celebrating his first dollar and 3 comics as a huge THANK YOU!!!
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