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is creating Animation, Art, Digital Painting
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About Ania Przybyłko

About me

Hi! My name is Ania Przybyłko (Dżun) and I’m a 28 years old animator and an artist. I’ve studied at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, majoring in animation, and my biggest passion is traditional animation, which I’ve been fascinated with since I was a child. I have already created one animated short, titled “Blue Tree”, which was my debut work :)

My first animation - “Blue Tree”

Now, I've taken it upon myself to create another animation, fully traditional this time, ie hand-drawn on paper. You might be wondering: why bother with all this work when one can make everything digitally now? The answer is simple! To me, this technique of animation has its own magic, it's unique and there's no way to copy it. Do you remember the animations from your childhood and the magic air about them? Nowadays, even though such productions have their own charm, there's little to no artist's personal touch in it, the touch that would make it unique in the way I want my animation to be! For the most part of time I work as a freelancing graphic designer and illustration artist. If you'd like to see my works, check out the gallery page on my website:

In my daily life I do my best to make my dreams come true, and I believe that if someone wholeheartedly sacrifices themselves to achieve their goal, they will succeed - no matter how many falls and bumps they have to overcome!

What do I do?

As I mentioned before, at the moment I'm working at creating a traditionally animated short titled "I Found You".

It tells the story of a small fox who lives alone in the middle of a forest, his biggest dream being finding someone he can call a friend.

The main theme of "I Found You" is loneliness - how to cope with it, and that sometimes what we're looking for is way closer than we think. I wanted to create a story that will be pleasant to watch, while touching serious issues through the adventures of the protagonist, one that anyone can identify with. The fox resembles a small child - he's everywhere at the same time, very lively, creative and full of childish curiosity. All of his highs and lows are sure to make you cry both out of laughter and of sadness.

A storyboard fragment - "I Found You"

The animation is being created using only traditional animation! It will last about 14 minutes. I have set the bar quite high there, considering how this is the first time I'm this involved in a project this big and I keep learning new things, and it's even harder since it's really difficult to find animators who work on paper these days, both to learn from them and engage them into the project. Most of us switched to CGI or hides away in the vaults of the greatest companies like golden treasures. Despite that I managed to find several truly wonderful individuals from all over the world, though our tight budget makes things difficult for us :(

At the moment we are mostly working on animating separate shots and readying background layouts. And here you can see for yourself how shots like these look like: