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About Anim8riarch

Basically I am an artist of everything, a creator of anything.

I have created many things in my life; drawings, paintings, pastels, furniture, puppets, costumes, murals, interior design elements, product design, advertisement, catalog cover design, logos, web design, poetry, statues, the list could go on. Starting at a very early age with doodling and later on around 8 yrs old I was making my own puppets and making my own costumes for Halloween because my grandma had introduced me to sewing and later introduced me to painting. I always seemed to keep myself busy when I was young with drawing, painting, building and even some poetry.

Now I am older, with little time and more responsibility, and even more desire to create what I've always wanted, my own little escape from busy day to day life. So I have combined trying to make a living to help support my family with getting to follow my dreams as an artist.

I started off wanting to make big things and that is when I made a couple pieces of furniture and my first Plushue. A giant plush statue basically, it was an absolute blast and I wanted to make more and more of them. Unfortunately they are very time consuming and a lot of work. I felt that they maybe took up a little too much of my time right now since I still have to work a normal job and take time for my family. I then dabbled in polymer and epoxy clay and things have taken off from there. I already have a billion ideas and have started concepts and testing out what I want to do and how far I want to take my creations. I am excited to construct them and bring them to life and bring them to all of you. Thank you everyone for all your interest and support, I could not do this without you and I am looking forward to the future in a whole new light!
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I won't have to work my boring job anymore and can completely dive into creating during all those hours instead of data entry. I can give my supporters more as well, more art and more fun!
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