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HD Animated Maps and Hi-Res Stills
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Ideal for online virtual tabletops and TV's up to 40".  Animated maps in HD resolution, static maps in 4K resolution

HD + 4K Animated Maps and Hi-Res Stills
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Ideal for large TVs and projectors.  Animated maps in HD and 4K resolution, static maps in 4K resolution.

Arcane Council
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You get all benefits of previous tiers AND the ability to participate in polls and discussions about upcoming maps.  Suggest ideas and vote on your favorites to help us craft packs that YOU want to see!



About Animated Arcanum

We're a group of artists, animators, storytellers, and nerds, working to create amazing resources for tabletop role playing games.  With high-quality animated digital maps, unique printable minis, and entertaining adventures, we hope our passion will inspire you to take your games further than ever before.
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If we reach 100 patrons, we'll record and share a live play adventure using our maps.  Tons of ideas and inspiration for DM's!
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