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About animatrix

Hi I am a Senior FX TD @ Industrial Light & Magic. Most people know me by the alias animatrix.

When I am not doing shot work, I like creating fast and efficient FX tools for Houdini to push the boundaries of what's possible, or solve production problems easier and/or faster.

I have a strong background in real-time and graphics programming that allows me to create highly generic, robust and performant production oriented tools that are intuitive to use.

My ever growing library of tools is around 250 generic operators right now which takes an incredible amount of time and effort to design, maintain, improve, replace and refactor to keep them up with the best and fastest methods.

Doing this only for myself is a major effort, but to actually share it with the world requires more than just sharing a link. It's a much bigger commitment to stand behind the work you created and be open to feedback.

So for that reason, if there is enough interest, I would love to invest the time needed in sharing my tools so it would benefit other artists and TDs beyond my local people cloud lookup :P

You can see some of my tools on my vimeo channel.
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I will commit the time & effort sharing my tools consistently once I reach 30 people and keep posting updates as they become available.
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