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Who? Hey it's me, Alan. I'm the creator of aTools, the most popular Maya animation toolset available in the industry, used by pretty much all the greatest animation studios in the world. I started my career as a traditional 2D animator in Brazil and after working for a while on game cinematics, commercials and short films, moved to Vancouver and worked as animator/supervising animator for Sony Imageworks, Rainmaker, Method Studios and currently Stellar Creative Lab. Some of my work includes Diablo III, Hotel Transylvania 2, Storks and Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas.  My IMDB pageMy animation reel

What? I'm elevating aTools to a whole new level, redesigning it from the ground up and it's so much better than it is now called animBotWatch the launch video. Testing it during its development is completely FREE, you can download it here and get your hands on it. You can also join our Facebook community here and be in the loop of details of the development. Take a sneak peak at

Why? Supporting animBot during its development on Patreon will allow me to spare much more of my time on developing new features, improving current ones and fixing bugs. This would be a huge help to make more frequent updates! 

How? I would like to convince you to support with even $1, the more people interested, the more important I'll feel that this project is and more time I'll invest on it. The price tag has not been established yet, but I aim it to be extremely affordable to everyone, studios, professionals and students.

When? Now is the best time for that! The official release is getting closer. As the alpha development phase is coming to an end, the rewards for NEW patrons has been disabled. You are still able to become a patron with no rewards, though. 

I believe it goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your financial support. I'll say it anyways though. Thank you. I greatly appreciate it. You're here because you understand what I'm trying to do with animBot, and you think the crazy amount of hours I put into it worth it! You "get it". You're a fellow thinker.

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